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We are simple software developers with an experience of over 6 years each, specializing in different technologies but most on the Java side. 
This site was born out of a strong desire to help others by sharing knowledge and offering solutions from our everyday experiences.
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Software Developer
George Petre

Who am I? My name is George, a passionate Java Developer who started his career not so long ago and who knows how to achive great things in this fantastic domain. I've started my career during the college years as a highschool programming teacher with excellent results with my undergraduates. After the college graduation, I was hired as Java Developer and I really enjoy what I do. Now I feel like I need to share my knowledge with others. I hope you really appreciate my ``lessons``!

Software Developer
Stefan Banu

I'm a self-taught software developer, truly passionate that likes to put things together. For me, all the technology, software, applications, programs are like a puzzle. When you make all the connections between the small pieces, boom the magic is happening. I love to find other people who are feeling like me, and I enjoy every second when I have a discussion about software technology. What are you passionate about?

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